FTP Error:

While the user tries to connect the FTP, sometimes the user may face this FTP could not connect to the server issue. If your FTP hostname is not resolved, then the user will face this error. In this tutorial, we will show to check the user’s hostname is resolved or not and this can be easily solved by following the below steps.
The major reason for this issue is the internet connection problem or FTP hostname is not resolved. When connecting through FileZilla, this issue may occur and ensure to check the port settings also in your server.

Steps to solve FTP could not connect to server error:

Step 1: Make sure users are getting below illustrated error while using FTP client applications like File Zilla.

Step 2: Now they need to verify FTP hostname which you have used to connect your web files through File Transfer Protocol.

Step 3: Open command prompt/terminal if they using Linux OS and Command prompt if they using windows in your system.

Step 4: Type the ping command to check whether Hostname IP address resolved or not.

Example: ping and then press the “Enter” button on the user’s keyboard.

Step 5: The below image illustrates the successful FTP hostname resolve.

Note: The “Reply from” lines indicate that a response was received successfully. The ping result is 0% loss, so the hostname is working fine.

Step 6: If the result shows any loss, then the hostname is probably valid or the host is just down or unreachable from your system. FTP could not connect to your host successfully.
Step 7: Firewall Software restrict the FTP connection. The firewall software may be blocking the FTP connection. If the user’s are running the windows firewall software, try to disable temporarily and check the FTP connection succeeds. If the FTP connection is connected successfully, the user has to configure the FTP connection in firewall settings.
Note: Be sure re-enable the firewall software to avoid the unwanted intrusion.
Or you can use FTP hostname provided by hosting provider or IP address of the server. If still issue persists, contact your hosting provider and check for any IP block in the server firewall.
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