WHM or Web Host Manager is an administrative tool that allows administrative access to the backend of the cPanel. The basic WHM panel is offered for resellers. The VPS and Dedicated Server users can get the root access of WHM to the server. Thus the owner has the ability to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts inside a WHM panel. Sometimes, if a cPanel user forgets the password, it can be reset from WHM panel. Here, we will discuss the steps to reset a cPanel password from WHM panel.

Steps to reset the cPanel password in WHM: 

The various methods are available to reset a cPanel password from WHM. This helps the resellers or the administrator to change the password for their customers at their end itself with the below steps.

Step 1: Login to WHM panel with the username and password. You can log in either as a root user or with the reseller credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the option ‘List Accounts’ under the section Account Information.

Go to List Accounts option

Step 3: Now find the cPanel account for which password reset has to be done. With the search option, you can find the domain name easily.

Find cPanel account with search option

Step 4: Click on the ‘+’ icon on the left side of the cPanel account. It will display a few options from it.

Click + icon tp change password

Step 5: In that, select the option ‘Change Password’ and reset the cPanel account password in it. Enter the password and select ‘Change’ button to save the new password.

Click the option Change Password

Thus, the password of the mentioned cPanel account is changed successfully. Try with a fresh login and check the cPanel account.

Alternative Method:

There is another method, we can reset the cPanel password through the option ‘Password Modification’ in WHM. Let us see with the below steps

Step 1: Login to WHM. Then navigate to the section Account Functions.

Step 2: Then click the option ‘Password Modification’. It can be selected either on the left-hand menu or in the main panel.

Select Password modification option

Step 3: Select the account for which you need to reset the cPanel password. You can use the Search option and find the username easily.

Select the account

Step 4: In the password field, enter the new password. And also, you have an option to Auto Generate the password with the ‘Generate’ button.

Enter New password for the domain

Step 5: Re-enter the password in the section ‘Confirm Password’. Once the password is updated, click on the button ‘Change Password’ to set a new password.

Change Password for the domain

Thus, the above methods will help you to generate a secure password and reset it to a particular cPanel account. Now the cPanel user can use the new password and login to the cPanel account. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.

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