IP blocker:

IP blocker is a feature available in cPanel. It allows you to block an IP address or a range of IP addresses and prevents them to access your website. The user can block with an address or even with a fully qualified domain name also. When a fully qualified domain name is entered, the IP Deny Manager attempts to resolve it to an IP address. This feature will help you to prevent an unwanted user from accessing your website.

For example, if a particular user consumes a large amount of bandwidth for your website, it can be blocked easily with their IP address or their website name. The below article guides to block and unblock an IP address in cPanel.

Steps to use IP Blocker:

Here, the steps to block and unblock an IP address or a domain inside the cPanel for an account are mentioned below.

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel and navigate to the Security section.

Go to the section Security

Step 2: Click the option, IP Blocker.

Select the option IP Blocker

Step 3: Under the section ‘Add an IP or Range’, enter the IP Address or domain name you would like to block, then click “Add” Button.

Add IP address and click the add button
Step 4: Now, you will get a confirmation message for¬†blocking an IP and then click “Go back” to return to the previous page.

Confirmation message for IP block
Step 5: The list of blocked IP addresses can be checked under the section ‘Currently blocked IP addresses’.

List currently blocked IP addresses
Step 6: If need to unblock an IP address, then click the option ‘Delete’ for the corresponding IP address.

Remove an IP with delete option

Step 7: A confirmation message for the removal of an IP address will be displayed and then click the option ‘Remove IP’.

Confirm the removal of IP address

Step 8: Now, a confirmation message will appear for the removal of an IP address from the block list.

Successful removal of an IP address

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