How to setup Email filter on cPanel?


Email filter and its purposes:

cPanel is a powerful web hosting control panel. It is user-friendly and has multiple features in it. cPanel manages the domain, DNS, email and security tools in it. Here you will see, how to setup the Email filter on cPanel.

Email filters help to manage and organize the flow of incoming emails. It is used to detect the unsolicited and unwanted emails and prevent those email to enter the user’s inbox. It organizes the emails according to specific criteria. And also, it can automate certain actions like automated replies for certain emails based on the conditions to specific email addresses. It can organize emails into different categories and move it to specified folders. In cPanel, the option ‘Email Filters’ under the section Email can be used to create an email filter for an email account with a set of rules and conditions. Here, you can view the steps below to set rules for discarding emails in a particular email account.

Steps to setup Email Filter:

Step 1: Login into cPanel.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Email’ section and click the option ‘Email Filters’.

Step 3: Choose the required email id and select the option ‘Manage Filters’.

Choose the mail id and manage filters

Step 4: Now you can see the option ‘Create a New Filter’ in which the rules and conditions for creating a new filter can be set and used for a particular account.

Create new filter for an email account

Step 5: Enter the filter name and fill the rules very carefully.

Enter the filter name and set the rules

Note: The rules can be set with the ‘From’ addresses, ‘To’ addresses, Headers, Spam score and the email subject.

Step 6: And choose the required action and click the option ‘Create’. The actions can be chosen like Discard Message, Redirect the email, deliver to the folder, Fail with a message and much more. In the below screenshot, the action to discard the email was chosen.

Choose Actions and then create

Step 7: Now, the required email filter is successfully created.

Thus, email filters for an email account can be done easily in our cPanel interface to manage the workflow of emails for professional and personal use. Once the filter is set, the user can use the option ‘Test a filter’ and test it in the same panel.

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