Backups are an important part of maintaining a website. It is important and useful to your file and databases on a daily basis to make any major changes so that a backup will available in the event of data loss. The cPanel provides a wonderful Backup facility for the database, that the user can generate the backups easily.

Steps to create a backup of your MySQL Database:

1. Log into cPanel

2. In the Jet backup, Click on the Database backups icon.

3. You can able to show the available current database backups date wise, Click the name of the specific database you want to download.

4. In the popup that appears, Click ok button

5. The file will be stored locally with .tar extension.

Steps to restore MySQL Database:

A MySQL database backup can be restored in cPanel, Kindly follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the file section, Click on the backups icon.
  3. Under Partial Backups section, select Restore a MySQL Database Backup, click on the Browse button.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate destination and select the backup file to choose the backup file.
  5. Click Open.

Click Upload. You will see a database restored message on the next window. After the successful upload process of the database, you need to check the database configuration in the files. Thus the Database is restored in cPanel by using Jet Backup option.

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