An email address is like a person’s “digital fingerprint”

Electronic Mail (email) is a used for exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. The emails that servers accept, forward, deliver and store messages. Email is the method of exchanging digital messages from one person to another person or to the group of persons. It is the best way of communication. Nowadays everyone is using emails to share some content like images, videos, documents, links, profiles with their friends, colleague, etc., and millions of emails are sent from companies to customers and suppliers, from employees to their managers and from one co-worker to another in every business sector. Most Business who have a website, also have a business email address attached to that website.

Why to choose a Best Email Solution?

1. Immediacy:

Once the Email is sent, it will be delivered instantly irrespective of the distance between the sender and recipient. There will be a continuous flow of information.

  1. Record:

All the email messages are stored in user’s inbox unless they delete it. So no need for keeping a physical paper record for the documents.

  1. Price:

Small business people can sign up with free email solutions without any cost and if they really looking for professional business email Id then they go for best email solutions and they can create email account related to their domain. For A marketing person, emails save a lot of money. The amount they spend for printing advertisement documents will be saved instead they send emails with attachments of brochures, company profile etc.,

“Do not have an email address is the digital equivalent of being homeless. Without it, you can’t shop online, bank online or engage with social media.”

If you want to get connected to any of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. you must have an email address.And also if you want to sign up for any organization’s newsletter email address is mandatory.In a business, Emails are used for sending invoices, product descriptions, pricing details and company profiles, etc in order to get more clients and also used for communicating with the existing clients.

Process Flow in Email Solutions:

When you send an email from, it will reach the email server. SMTP which is abbreviated as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is responsible for sending emails.Every email has a sender and recipient mail id, hence the SMTP will locate the domain name with the help of the receipt mail id.

If the sender and receiver are in the same domain the process is simple but if it is different, SMTP will handover the mail to the SMTP of the receipt server. Then it is given to POP3 or IMAP.

Protocols used in Emails:

  • SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is responsible for all outgoing emails from the server.
  • POP3: Post Office Protocol version 3 used to receive emails from a remote server.
  • IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol used to retrieve emails from the remote server.

Difference between POP3 and IMAP:

POP3 downloads email from a server to a single computer and then deletes it from the server. After downloaded to a single computer or device and then deleted from the server, it can appear that mail is missing or disappearing from your Inbox if you try to check your mail from a different computer.

IMAP is reading emails from the server itself. When you need to check your emails from multiple devices, such as a laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices then IMAP is the better option.

Creating Business Email account in cPanel:

It is simple to create an email account in your cPanel, If you have a domain and hosting account it is possible to create an email address like, where mydomain is the name of your domain.You can create any number of mail accounts for your domain based in your hosting plan.For example, if your company is having sales, billing, support departments, you can create mail id’s as,,, etc. You have to select the username, password and quota for your mail account based on your requirement.


Webmail is a web-based interface to access the mail accounts, the best email solution for webmasters. Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail are well-known webmail services. Every webmail product has its unique feature. When you check or send e-mail via the Web, you are using webmail. If you own a domain name, many Web hosts also offer a webmail interface to use with your domain name.

ServerCake  supports three options to choose from webmail which includes Horde, RoundCube, and SquirrelMail. All three of this webmail, email solutions offers the basic  email features such as Compose Email, Forwarding, Junk Mail, Address Book, Trash, Folders, Marked as Read/Unread  and many more.


SquirrelMail has all the basic functionality you would want from an email client, calendar, spell check, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation. It has a simple interface where it basically list down all your emails. Recommended to those looking for basic read and reply email functions.


Roundcube offers much more nice, user-friendly and fairly intuitive interface for your emails as compared to SquirrelMail. It offers features such as markings, calendars, folders, full-featured address book integration as well as MIME support.


It is considered as full featured email compared to Squirrelmail & Roundcube and it has similar functions to Outlook. Horde email solution comes with features such as  calendar, task list, notebook, address book, and more. The e-mail management system includes support for advanced filters, attachments, spell checking and displays HTML e-mail well.

Email Forwarding and Autoresponder:

If you have created multiple email ids like,,  and if the admin wants all the emails to reach, email forwarding will you to achieve this. The copy of all emails from all the three accounts will reach

The autoresponder will send an automatically formatted reply the persons who sending mail. This will be helpful for many eCommerce websites who handling invoices, inquiry, newsletter subscription, etc through emails.

How ServerCake is Providing The Best Email Solutions?

Spamming is one of the major problem for email users. Spam emails are emails with identical content sent to many recipients for the purpose of marketing.Spam emails will fill our mailbox and waste the resources. It may also contains malwares and some executable files which causes problem.

If the user is sending spam mails from the server continuously, the ip will get blacklisted. If blacklisted then your websites, email accounts , etc won’t function properly. So incoming and outgoing spam emails must be stopped.

Hence emails has a major role in communication. Servercake is an Affordable SSD hosting Provider that offers best email solutions with reliable mail delivery and provides security from various email problems like spam, malware etc.. Our Spam control solution blocks the spam emails and allows only genuine emails. We provide security for every email account and provide you notifications if any account is compromised.

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