Web Host Manager (WHM)

The Web Host Manager (WHM) is a web application that is easy to use and allows administrative control of the dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS). It is used in conjunction with cPanel, which is intended to manage individual domains or host accounts on the dedicated server or virtual private server.

Web Host Manager (WHM) is a web-based tool used by the server administrator or the resellers to manage their hosting accounts. It is the backend for all cPanel accounts. It is accessible by the root user and also by the user who is having reseller privilege. WHM contains many features by which you manage the following tasks:

Main Features of WHM

Server Configuration:

In server configuration, you can modify basic cPanel and WHM setup, change the root password, Configure Cron jobs, Initial Quota setup and edit server timings.In network setup, you can change the hostname, and resolve the configurations.

Create an account:

You can create a cPanel account by using  “create a new account” option under Account functions. You can provide with domain name, Username, package, DNS and Mail routing settings while creating a package.

Suspend an account:

If a particular account is using more resources or not paid or sending more spams or under a malware attack, in those cases you can suspend that particular account.

Terminate an account:

And also you can terminate the account if the customer moved files to some other server or for any other reasons.

Add/Edit Packages:

You can create or edit any number of packages with package name and resource limits and you can assign the desired package to the account.

Manage Resources:

It is possible to manage the resource for each account and you can upgrade or downgrade it. And also you can able to view the statistics of resource usage for a particular account.

Transfer and Restore:

 Through WHM,  it is easy to restore the backup for any account and also it is possible  to transfer an account from one server to another by selecting the particular account after entering the server credentials.

Manage Resellers:

You can view the list of accounts under reseller, change ownership, edit the details of reseller, manage reseller resources, edit privileges for resellers.

Cron Jobs:

It is possible to set Cron jobs in WHM and the administrator will get the email notification once the job is completed.

Blacklist/Whitelist an IP:

If continuous failure login attempts are made or more spam emails are sent from an IP address then that IP will get blacklisted.You can whitelist the IP through  cPHulk Brute force protection under Security center as well as you can blacklist the IP which you want to block.

Manage Emails:

In WHM, you can view the mail delivery report for a certain account or for a certain time period and also manage mail queues and edit MX entries.

FTP Configuration:

There is an option to configure FTP server settings, change the password, restart FTP server through WHM.

Add/edit or delete DNS Zone in WHM:

Under DNS functions you can able to add DNS zone and also edit or delete DNS zone, can reset the DNS zone and synchronize the DNS zone.

MX Records:

In MX entry, you can configure Mail routing. In this, there is an option for automatic configuration detection and also you can use either Local mail exchanger or backup mail exchanger or remote mail exchanger.

IP Configuration:

In this you can add an IP address, change site’s IP address, view IP address usage, delete IP address and modify reserved IP’s.

Manage Databases:

Under SQL services you can manage your databases, database users, view the MySQL processes and repair a particular database and also access PHPMyAdmin.

Manage Software’s:

In software section, you can able to install Perl Modules and RPM’s and then you can upgrade MySQL, update server software, and the system software.

System Health:

Under this, you can view the current disk usage, current running processes and can also able to kill the background process if not needed.


You can create certificate-signing request(CSR), install SSL certificate, manage SSL hosts through WHM.

Restart Services:

In case of any issues if you want to restart a particular service, WHM can help you to restart DNS server, Apache Server, SQL server, Mail server and Http server easily.    

WHM will help to manage all functionalities for root user, but few functions are disabled for users having only reseller privileges. Servercake  provides WHM to make the web hosting process easier and it is user-friendly and an even non-technical person can trained easily with WHM in a less period of time.

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