Email Encryption:

The email encryption in cPanel protects your outgoing email messages from reaching unauthorized recipients. When an encrypted message is sent, then the recipient needs to decrypt it with a private key. It enhances the message security and privacy as other readers will not be able to read the message. The sender encrypts the message using ‘public key’ and the corresponding recipient can decrypt it with ‘private key’.

cPanel uses the feature GNU Privacy Guard or GnuPG for creating keys to encrypt the messages. It utilizes two ways such as the public and private key cryptography scheme. It ensures email security to prevent sensitive information. The below steps helps to create email encryption on your cPanel account by using GnuPG cryptographic algorithms.

Steps to Encrypt Email Using cPanel:

Step 1: Login to the cPanel with username and password.

Step 2: Navigate to the section Email and click on the icon Encryption.


Now you can view a new interface like below

new key

Now fill the required fields with the below details

Your Name – Enter your name in “your name” text box.

Your Name – YouEnter your Email ID on the “your email” box.

Comment or Nickname – Type a nickname or comment in the next text box.

Key Password – Create your ideal key password and confirm the password in the next text box. Ensure that the password is strong enough in “Strength” bar. Or else click the “password generator” to automatically create an effective password.

Expiration Date – Next enter the time frame for your key. It shows the expiration validity of the password. Set the expiration date in the format 1y 2w 3d for (1 year 2 weeks and 3days).

Key Size – Select the key size as either 2048 or 4096 which is best for you. The larger key size is more secure than the smaller one.

Generate Key – Click this option to “generate Key” which may take some minutes. Generate key

By now your key is successfully created. Then proceed to the below steps.

Step 3: Import the key

Once the pair of keys is generated successfully, then it can be imported into cPanel by selecting the import key button. In this section, you cannot import the private key.

Import Key

After selecting the button, a new interface will open as like below

Paste key

In the below text box, copy your public key.Paste Public Key

While copying the public key, make sure that it includes the header and the footer rows. Once the key is entered click the “Import” button to import the specified key. Now, you have successfully encrypted your email in the cPanel.

Step 4: View or delete the key

Now, scroll down the encryption interface to access the list of activated keys. Select the button ‘View’ corresponding to the key to view the public or private key. If need to delete any key, then click the option ‘Delete GnuPG Key’. Once the deletion is confirmed, then the key will be deleted automatically.

public Key

Thus, email encryption was set successfully in the cPanel. It is one of the best ways to encrypt your email in the cPanel to protect the sensitive messages. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.

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