The Purpose of development mode:

The goal of the Cloudflare is to cache your website static contents and to distribute those across a few key locations around the world so your users can load those from the nearest location.

you would like to change on those static contents. In this situation, the static content changes not reflected immediately. So  Cloudflare provides  Development option for your domains.

The Cloudflare Development mode is disabled the internal Cloudflare CDN service. So your static contents can be directly loaded from the web hosting server.

The below steps used to enable the development mode in Cloudflare.

Steps to disable the development mode in CloudflareStep

Step 1: Login into your Cloudflare account.

  • Enter the Cloudflare Login email address and password.
  • Click the login button.

Step 2: Now you can see the Cloudflare home page. It has multiple menus (overview, crypto, firewall, DNS, etc.)

  • Select the overview menu then the page has the development mode option.

Step 3: Switch ON the development mode.

Step 4: The development mode is successfully enabled in Cloudflare.

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