About DNS records:

DNS stands for domain name system. Each website can run online by using the IP address. A human can be difficult to remember the IP address, so we have implemented the domain name. The DNS system stores the IP address of the website. When we search that particular website on the browser by using the domain name, then it will request the DNS system. The DNS system changes the respective domain name into an IP address and displays the website on your desktop. Here you will see, How to enable the Zone Editor option in WHM.

Not able to add the DNS records on WHM:

cPanel is a website control panel. It’s used to handle the website easily and cPanel has multiple features in it. If you face any error in cPanel on adding DNS records for a website, then this tutorial will be helpful to fix it easily.

Error: Not able to add the DNS record on cPanel.
Reason: The Advanced zone editor is not enabled for cPanel on the WHM.
Solution: To enable the Advanced zone editor on the WHM

How to fix it?

1.Login to WHM
  • Write your domain name/whm on the browser (eg: example.com/whm) and it will redirect to WHM login page.
  • Now enter the username and password and click the login button. It will go to WHM home page.
2. Click the package interface
  • Use the search box or directly click the package option in the WHM home page. Then it will redirect to package features page.

3. Enter the Feature Manager Option

Here click the feature manager option and it will go to edit feature page.

  • Click the edit option in the section manage feature list.


  • Here you will see the list of features and you can enable the Zone editor. Then finally save it.

Now, the Zone Editor feature will be enabled successfully inside the cPanel. We hope that this tutorial helps you to add the DNS records through WHM. If you are facing any issues, log in as root user and change the DNS settings or otherwise contact your hosting provider to change settings in WHM backend.