The Gutenberg is a new WordPress editor. It will add content blocks and page builder-like functionality to every up-to-date WordPress website. The goal of the editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable.

Features of Gutenberg WordPress Editor:

  • Blocks:

Every individual content in Gutenberg is its own block and It includes text paragraphs, images, embedded files, headers, featured images, and so on.

  • Button: 

Gutenberg button block that lets you add this feature to your content with ease. When you create a button block, you’ll be able to edit its text and link.

  • Easily adjustable Font size:

Gutenberg is an ease-of-use and making every option as a user-friendly. You can able to adjust a small or large font using these features.

  • Text Columns:

This feature is currently still in beta. This is a variety of the standard text block, which lets you split your content across responsive columns.

  • Full-width alignment:

Using these features, you can apply a wide or full-width style to an image by simply selecting it from the alignment options. It’s used to create some stunning designs and gives plenty of freedom over how your images are styled.

  • Tables:

The content creation tools, the table is the most common features. But it’s challenging to use in WordPress. The required a plugin or HTML code is now easily available as a Gutenberg block.

  • Anchor Support:

You can add anchors to blocks, which lets you link directly to a particular block from anywhere else on a page or post. You can just add an anchor to that heading block, using the HTML Anchor field.

  • Document Outline

This feature used to display your document’s word count and how many blocks it contains, but you can also view all of the headings you’ve added.

The Document Outline handle the table of contents, and you can even click on the headings to instantly navigate to each block and edit it. This feature helps to make it easier to get a quick overview of the content’s structure.

  • Dynamic Option:

The static toolbar has the numerous settings strewn around the main editor, Gutenberg editor will only show you options related to the specific block you’re currently editing.

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