In Plesk, the backup of a website or a database can be done manually through the option ‘Backup Manager’. We can also enable automatic backup tasks by scheduling them in it. It is better to consider the available disk space to consume the full backups or partial backups. You can also select either a full backup of the account or the incremental backups of the domain configuration, mail configuration and content or user files and databases.

The automatic scheduled backups can be stored in either the server itself or at the FTP storage. For storing in FTP, we have to enable the FTP settings with the username and password for the FTP account.

Steps to enable Automatic Scheduled Backups:

Step 1: Login to Plesk panel with the username and password.

Step 2: Go to the domain in which backup has to be enabled and select the option ‘Backup Manager’.

Select the option 'Backup Manager'

Step 3: Click the button ‘Schedule’ to enable automatically scheduled backups.

click the option 'schedule'

Step 4: Configure the below settings to enable either full backup or incremental backups of emails and user files and databases.

tic Scheduled Backup settings

  • To start taking backups, enable the checkbox ‘Activate the backup task’.
  • Select Backup Period as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and choose a starting time for taking backups.
  • To enable full backup of the account, click the checkbox ‘Use Incremental Backup’ and mention the backup period and the time period to keep the copy of the backup file or leave as empty.
  • You can enable the backup settings whether to include mail configuration and content and user files and databases in the backup along with the domain configuration.
  • You can store the backup on the server or in an FTP storage. Click the option ‘Configure’ to set up an FTP account for storage of backups.
  • You can enable the notifications for any issues with the backup procedure or suspend the domain until the backup task is completed which is optional. If the option “Suspend Domains until the backup task is completed” was enabled, this will take more consistent backup. However, this may not be feasible to your customers. Because the websites will be stopped until the backup process has been completed.
  • You can also enable the option ‘Use native MS SQL backup functionality if possible’ to use native functionality for the databases.
  • Click ‘OK’ to save the backup schedule. The backup process will be executed daily on the time specified.

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