We can generate backups and restore it through the Plesk control panel easily. The users can restore a backup through the option ‘Backup Manager’ in Plesk. You can restore the files and databases when the files are hacked or damaged. Now, this article used to guide the restore a backup in Plesk.

Steps to restore a backup in Plesk:

Step 1: Login to Plesk with the username and password.

Step 2: Click the section ‘Domains’ and enter the domain that you wish to restore the file.

Step 3: Go to the option ‘Backup Manager’ to restore the available backup.

Step 4: Then click the button ‘Upload’ to restore the backup file.

Step 5: Select the file that you need to upload from the local system and then upload it to the option ‘Choose File’. Then click ‘OK’ button.

Note: Unclick the checkbox ‘Use password protection’ before uploading the file.

Step 6: Now, the file can be restored and a successful message will be displayed.

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