Why Choose ServerCake India for Web Hosting?

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About Servercake:

ServerCake India provides the best hosting solution for you all web hosting needs. When you are planning for an online presence of your business, you must develop a website. It is not enough to develop a website, you have to make it live in the network. For that, you just need a hosting space. Choosing the best web hosting company is not an easy task. You have to consider certain things before selecting a web host. Once you started your business online by investing some amount, your website should be visible to the customers without any downtime or any other issues then only it is possible to run the business successfully. If you want to achieve that, you should think which hosting company is better. Before going to select the hosting provider you must have a requirements document with you which describing the hardware and software requirements, resources, price, features, etc. You must verify with the provider whether they provide hosting solution which satisfies all your needs.

Why Choose ServerCake India for Web Hosting?


Speed is one of the important factors. If your website takes more time to load then the visitor will leave the website. If you have good quality products with affordable products also, you can get only less number of customers if your website is slow. ServerCake India provides SSD storage so that your website loads fast when compared to normal HDD hosting. As there are no movable parts in SSD, the data transfer rate will be high. The reliability and lifetime will be greater than  HDD. SSD storage not only boosts the speed of your website but also increases the performance of the website.


Price for the web hosting package should be affordable. ServerCake India is an Affordable SSD Web Hosting Provider having attractive hosting packages that come with good specifications. There are no hidden charges for any of the products. Normally hosting providers give less price for sign up and while going for renewal the charge is doubled. But we provide all renewals in the normal plans cost only, there is no extra price for renewal. Even though the price is the most important factor to be considered, choosing a best web hosting service with fewer price products is not a good decision. Have to choose the provider who is offering affordable price with good quality.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred to your website. If your website has a large number of visitors and there is more traffic then you have to choose the hosting package with higher bandwidth. ServerCake India provides up to unlimited bandwidth. We won’t charge extra for bandwidth. Higher the bandwidth, more people can visit your website at the same time.Before choosing the package, you first need to know how much bandwidth your needs actually.You can calculate the bandwidth by the below procedure.

The number of visitors expected * Average size of the page * page views by each visitor * 30 will give the data transfer rate for one month. You can choose the package which fulfills your needed bandwidth. ServerCake offers maximum bandwidth so that, more customers can visit your website at the same time.


It is important to backup your website files. If it lost due to any circumstances like malware attacks, due to hackers or non-technical staffs who deletes any files due to lack of knowledge or any other unsupported software which destroys your website, you will get the website back by using the available backups.

You can be generated and downloaded backup via the backup option in cPanel. You can generate full website backup, database backup or partial backup. But it is not possible to restore the full website via cPanel. For that, you have to approach your hosting provider.ServerCake India maintains daily, monthly and weekly backups for every website so that you can restore it anytime.And also we offer a special addon for backup called CodeGuard by which the backup is generated for every change you made on the website. If any issue happens, you can restore the website with the latest updations. ServerCake  India guarantees for your backup files.


In our server, monitored every website must be properly and secured in order to protect from various vulnerabilities. If your website is an e-commerce website i.e., if you are selling any product online then there must be an amount transaction. The customer will expect the level of security to pay for a product which they are buying. ServerCake India is offering various security techniques to the clients.

SSL Certificates:

ServerCake India provides various types of SSL certificates to gain customers trust over the website. By installing SSL URL, gets changed from HTTP to HTTPS and you can get a green padlock symbol.We are offering free SSL for Ecommerce hosting.


We are offering “Sitelock” for the security of your websites. There is more chance for the attacks like malware injection into your files, SQL injection, etc.. If your website security is compromised SiteLock will give email notification by which you can protect your website. ServerCake mainly focuses on the security of each and every website.

Brute Force Protection:

Brute force attack is a type of automated hacking system used to guess the web server password. This is the most common attack in SSH. ServerCake India provides security against brute-force attacks. cPHulk is a security factor found in our WHM to protect brute force attacks in WHM & cPanel logins, FTP, emails and ssh access.It works based on the configuration which is set by the administrator and the email notification is received if failure login attempts are made.There is a user-based protection as well as IP-based protection.In that, there is an option to set the maximum login attempts in a certain time period before the IP is blocked and then one-day protection is there to set the Maximum Failures per IP Address before the IP Address is Blocked for One Day.

DoS and DDoS Attack:

Denial of Service attack is the process of making the resource and network unavailable to the user. These type of attacks mainly targets bandwidth and other resources.Distributed Denial of Service attack is very hard to identify as it consists of multiple attackers unlike single attacker in DoS. In order to avoid those attacks, the incoming traffic for the website should be monitored properly.If it is malicious then the appropriate actions must be applied. The DDoS attack will try to destroy the functioning of both hardware and network systems. ServerCake India provides security from such type of attacks.

Malware Protection:

Hackers will try to inject various types of malware into the files, SQL database etc in order to destroy the functionality of the website. The website is infected with malware then search engines will block those websites from displaying to the user. Thus, your website will be unavailable to the visitors. ServerCake India protects all the websites from malware attacks. If any malware is found in the files, our security system will block those files from running and moves it to the quarantine folder. Hence, there will be a high level of security from the malware attacks. Our Server is protected with many security add-ons and plugins and various automated resource management configurations are made by which the overuse of resources by a single account is identified and it is suspended so that the other accounts function well and safe.


If you want a business email with your domain name (for example sales@yourdomain.com), you can able to create in the cPanel. You can use many features for Email accounts like Email forwarding, Autoresponse etc. You can use horde, Roundcube or Squirrelmail to access your email accounts in webmail. There are few issues in using email accounts.

Spam Control:

If some user is sending spam emails then the IP address will get blocked and they can’t able to view a website or access any email accounts in that IP address. ServerCake India provides spam control solution so that the spam emails are filtered automatically and your Ip won’t get blacklisted at any time.The not only Spam control solution, ServerCake India gives security to every email accounts if any authorized login attempts are made we will provide security alert to the clients to make their account safe.

Control Panel:

Web hosting control panel should be simple so that the user can control their accounts easily.  Control panel provides basic information about your website like you can see bandwidth and disk usage, IP address and number of Email account, FTP accounts, MySQL Database, parked domains, Mailing list.

ServerCake provides cPanel for Linux Hosting account and Plesk panel for windows hosting accounts.


cPanel is a Linux- based control panel and It uses a 3 tier structure that provides the different level of access, like administrators, resellers, and end users.

ServerCake provides web-based cPanel which is more user-friendly with lots of features. From your cPanel, you can manage email accounts, FTP accounts, file manager, SQL databases, phpMyAdmin, subdomains, addon domains, backups,etc..


Plesk control panel for Windows-based hosting account and server. It allows server administrator to create and manages the website, reseller account, email accounts and DNS records. Plesk is a commercial control panel and best interface for manage the website.


WHM stands for Web Host Manager.  ServerCake provides, those who sign-up with the reseller, VPS or dedicated server packages they can get WHM Control Panel. It can manage all their accounts.

In WHM panel you can create accounts, suspend, terminate, manage DNS records, Mx entry, creating packages and also you can manage emails, backups, etc.


It is a billing software used to manage all the billing, invoices, payment gateway, support tickets, hosting packages, clients list, etc for your hosting. ServerCake India provides free  WHMCS for resellers and those who sign-up in e-commerce package and VPS or dedicated server.


If you are facing any type of issues in the domains then the hosting provider should give support. And clear the issue in a minimum amount of time. ServerCake India offers 24/7 support to the clients. The client can contact by phone, Email, Live chat or via ticket system. Our highly skilled support team will sort the issue at the earliest possible time.

we guarantee for 365/24/7 support to the clients. We are focusing on our customer satisfaction.We are providing friendly support to all the clients.


ServerCake India offers different packages according to the need of the client. It starts with the shared hosting account for small business people and extended to reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server, e-commerce hosting,  WordPress hosting and SSD hosting.

For online business providers, e-commerce hosting is apt and it comes with various extra features like free SSL, free payment gateway and for those who want to develop their website with WordPress, we provide WordPress hosting by which we will provide support to various WordPress issues. Our SSD hosting will provide superfast hosting experience.

Ready to Choose ServerCake India?

Hence, one should choose the hosting company which satisfies all his/her hosting needs to the maximum level.

ServerCake India is providing a better hosting solution. And your website will be online always without any downtime and also all the files will be safe. The CloudFlare has increased the website performance. ServerCake India is a certified partner of CloudFlare. And the add-ons SiteLock, CodeGuard, spam control solutions and CloudLinux makes your website to be safer and with better performance.


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