Plesk is a control panel for web hosting that allows the customer to manage their hosting. The Plesk have generally had a graphical interface so the user can control the settings easily.

Plesk offers a variety of features and options for controlling, managing and securing your websites. The simple configuration in Plesk allows the web hosting provider to easily manage thousands of websites on a single server. Plesk supports different platforms such as Windows and Linux.

What is a subscription?

Subscription can be defined as a allocate resources available and permission granted to a user, resources mean that disk space and traffic, and permission include, the user can add additional domains and subdomains, changing the PHP settings. permissions help the user to handle them to handle the account and change the parameter as per the customer wish. A single customer can handle more than one subscription.

The main disadvantage of a subscription is, once suspend any subscription all domains associated with it become unavailable and the owner is unable to manage the subscription until it has been activated by the hosting provider to release the account.

How to create a subscription in Plesk?

Step 1: Login to your Plesk admin panel.

Login as admin
Step 2: In the left-hand menu, click Subscriptions.

Step 3: Click the Add New Subscription button.

Step 4: Type the main domain name for your new account.

Step 5: Type a desired control panel user name and password. Repeat the password as directed.

Step 6: Select a service plan which is appropriate for this new account.

Step 7: Highlight any add-ons you want for this account, and click the >> button to add them.
Do not check the “Proceed to customize the subscription parameters after it is created” option unless you understand what it does.

Once you are happy with your values, scroll all the way down and click the OK button.

What is a service plan?

A service plan is like a package in WHM, service plan defines the allocation of your resources such include disk space, bandwidth and other featured offered to your customer. The reseller, VPS server customer can able to create a service plan as per customer wish.
How to create a service plan:

Step1: Login to your Plesk admin panel.

Login as admin
Step 2: In the left-hand menu, click Service Plans.

Step 3: Choose the type of plan you want to create from the tabs at the top and Click the Add New Plan button.

Step 4: Type a name for your new plan.

Step 6: Adjust the settings to your preference.
Step 7: The other settings and tabs are as fine as the default values.
Step 8: Click Ok Button.

The subscription is locked for synchronization commonly occurred error after changing the service plan for a customer. the following step to resolve the issue.
Step 1: Login in your Plesk panel.

Login as admin
Step 2: Go to Subscription and select the domain.

Step 3: Click Unlock & Sync in the account section.

Step 6: Automatically page will redirect to your home page and you can see a successful message at top of the page.


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