SSL Certificate

The SSL is the Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a browser and a web server in an online communication. The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and a browser remains encrypted.

An SSL certificate is necessary to create SSL connection. The user would need to give all details about the identity of their website and their company as and when they choose to activate SSL on their web server.

Best SSL Certificate

Securing your website is the most important thing by having a suitable and Best SSL Certificate for your website. SSL is a cryptographic key that serves or encrypts the web server and client authentication. It allows a secure connection between the server and browser. SSL also make sure that the data transferred from the web server and the browser with individual privacy and standard security management. The SSL certificate is used to secure your site from threats.The ServerCake provides best SSL certificate to your website in various types.

Why should we Seek a Best SSL certificate?

The major reason for a best SSL certificate for your site is to keep the data transformation very sensitive to the data information will be protected and only the intended recipient can see the message. It is very crucial that all the information sent through the browser, i.e. fro the server to the browser should be safer.

Gain Customer Satisfaction:

The browser will provide a visual indication of a lock icon and a green bar when the site is open in a browser, It makes sure that the visitor’s web connection is secure and safe. We would say that this is a trusted seal for the customers like e-commerce buyers and sellers so they can purchase safely and their information will not be hacked when they are browsing.

SSL Types:

There are different kinds of SSL features that you might need to know in order to purchase the best SSL certificate. The most critical decision to make is that if you need a low or high assurance and EV certificates. ServerCake provides all types of the best SSL certificates as shown below.

  • Shared SSL Certificate.
  • Domain Validated Certificate.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate.
  • Extended Validation.
  • Organizational Validation.
  • Multi-domain SSL Certificate.

Shared SSL:

ServerCake provides Shared SSL is a simple and Best SSL certificate in cheap cost. So this is named as “shared” because the certificate can be shared by the hosting accounts under a single server.

Domain Validated SSL:

This standard SSL is used for the domain verification purpose only. This domain name is verified by the authority whether the applicant has the full control over the domain. The standard SSL will not check for any further details like organizational information. But the domain name is displayed with security lock icon and “https” on the domain name.

Wildcard SSL:

The wildcard SSL gives the security for both your primary domain and subdomains. This certificate will be very helpful when people having an online credit card transaction on your subdomain like “”, then that information can be encrypted between the browser and the server. This domain support multiple subdomains under one hosting account.

For Example,,, are the subdomains.

The primary domain:

Organizational SSL:

Organizational SSL certificate is also one of the best SSL certificates that are issued based on the organization’s verification process. This certificate authority will check for the organization details and might exchange the documents from the business agents to the authority for the verification process. It may take a few days to produce the certificate after the validation process. This SSL displays the company details in the browser on a box.

EV (Extended Validation) Certificate:

This EV certificate is a  proof for the end customer for knowing the website is secured. As like the OV certificate, this also requires a verification by the certificate authority. A distinguished view of this SSL as it can be triggered by a green bar in the modern browsers which trust the site visitors that they are searching for a secured website.

Multi-Domain SSL:

The Multi-Domain certificate will be perfect for a higher level organization with multiple domains.  The SSL is hosted on a single server and a dedicated IP with multiple numbers of domains. This can secure up to 100 domains on a single server. This saves the money and earns customers trust in the first place.

How to Choose a Best SSL certificate for Your Website?

When purchasing the best SSL certificate, most of the customers will consider money for the convenience of usage. There are several types of SSL been used, but it depends on your business website or personal blogs.

DV (Domain validated):

Normally the domain validated certificates will cross verify against the domain registry and this will not identify the organizational information. This cannot be used for the commercial purpose. This SSL we should prefer for the static content holders.

The people who handle the e-commerce business like using shopping carts, online billing they are suggested to choose extended certificates as the company name is displayed in the green bar shown with the domain in the browser.

The Organisational SSL:

This is the most major infrastructure which running under an organizational environment who want their end user to see the company identification and the website are monitored and secured safely because this Certification requires verification of the organization by the certificate authority. One more SSL multi-domain SSL certificate, this can be used under one IP in the hosting server with the certification, i.e. the security can be availed by the domains in the server, but the security will be visible for the parent domain in the browser.

ServerCake has the right people to suggest you on which may be the best SSL certificate according to your hosting plan.

SSL Features

Data & Server Security:

SSL plays a major role in between the destination server and the client computer or web browser by encrypting the communication, through the mailing server or outlook, the data and the server are secured and the information is not hacked during the data transmission.

Choose a Best SSL Certificate for Required Security:

As the SSL encrypts the data information. Then emails sent through the mail server will be received to the intended customers.

Fast & Reliability:

SSL is availed in stronger encryption by using SHA-256 at a minimum of 2048 bit RSA keys. Its IPv6 infrastructure ensures that your web browser must respond and receives the rapid secure site load speed in the industry.

Phishing Alerts:

It enables the phishing alert service to notify you if a phishing attack is detected on your site.

Quick Certificate Issuance:

The certificate is immediately provided by validating your business credentials and issue your nsProtect Secure Advanced or Wildcard certificate in one business day following the receipt of business credentials. It requires validation of domain registration only and can be issued within few minutes.

Security for Online shoppers:

If there is no trusted seal or a security policy on your website, then the buyers won’t prefer your website for online transactions. By implementing a secure environment in your website increases the sale and conversion rate.


Using SSL certificates improves your overall website security and trust. ServerCake is an Affordable Hosting Provider in India that provides Best SSL Certificate for your website at a reasonable price, and please don’t forget to post your valuable comments and suggestion on SSL certificates.

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