Web Host Manager (WHM)

The WHM or Web Host Manager is used to allow the admin access to the backend of cPanel. WHM gives the many resources like more controls and flexibility when managing the either a few very popular and resource intensive sites, or a large number of sites. In Reseller hosting, there is the ability to sell hosting services to other people. WHM also gives you the option to create and manage the multiple cPanels. The user can post the business-oriented or popular sites to place it on the separate cPanel.

Shell Acess:

SSH or Secure Shell is uniquely designed to enable a user to securely log on to a remote computer and get perform shell and network services. The SSH-based on the communications or processes work on a client or server architecture consisting of a client and server SSH. The client is securely authenticated to connected the SSH and sends the encrypted commands to be executed on the server. The client and server are authenticated using RSA Public Key Cryptography.

Steps to enable the shell access for a particular domain in WHM:

Step:1 Login into WHM.Login

Step:2 Go to Account Functions in WHM.Account Function

Step:3 Select Modify Account.Modify Account

Step:4 Select the account to change and click Modify.Select a Account to modify

Step:5 Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it shows the option Shell Access check box. Give a tick to the checkbox and Save the changes.Shell Access

Step:6  To make SSH available for all the accounts, Select the Update package radio button to apply the SHell Access change across all your cPanel accounts that are on the same package and Click Proceed.Radio Button

Now try accessing your server using SSH. You should have a login screen like the snapshot to the right.

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