Web Host Manager (WHM) is a control panel which has an administrative access to the back end of cPanel. It can be used to manage the various cPanel accounts in a particular WHM. Basically, reseller accounts get basic WHM panel. VPS and Dedicated Servers can have root access to the server. It gives more control and flexibility to manage multiple cPanel accounts. WHM provides the following basic set of tools to manage the cPanel accounts

  • Access to create, suspend, modify and delete cPanel accounts
  • Manage and monitor the password credentials
  • Access to check and manage DNS zones of the domains
  • Ability to manage the customer’s requests through cPanel
  • Access to customize the hosting packages as per the user requirement
  • Ability to create own default page when creating a new account
  • Ability to change the client domain names and usernames

What is DNS Zone?

DNS Zone maintains all the DNS records of each and every domain. It contains all the records of a specific domain or all domains and the subdomain. It helps for administrative purpose and in DNS propagation. In a DNS Zone file, each line holds one DNS record with TTL (Time to Live). It specifies for how long the DNS records will be kept in the DNS server cache. DNS Zone file contains the mandatory record SOA (Start of Authority) which specifies the primary authoritative nameserver for the DNS Zone. And also, other additional records like A record, NS record, MX record and so on.

Steps to Delete DNS Zone in WHM:

A user can easily edit or delete a DNS zone with WHM interface. It can be useful when a domain is no longer available on the server or another DNS server is authoritative for the domain. It can also be useful to clear the error ‘A DNS Zone already exists’ when creating an account in WHM. The below steps guides to delete a particular DNS Zone in WHM.

Step 1: Login to WHM with the username and password.

Step 2: Go to the option ‘DNS Functions’ and select the option ‘Edit DNS Zone’.

DNS Functions

Step 3: In DNS Zone removal, select the domain name which is to be removed from WHM. In this, you can select multiple domain names also for permanent removal.

Select domain name

Step 4: Then, select the option ‘Delete’ which permanently delete the DNS zone of the selected domains.

Delete DNS zone


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