cPanel/WHM is the easiest control panel for managing the websites on Linux based web hosting services. You can add the subdomains, addon domains, parked domain, alias domains inside the cPanel itself. cPanel provides access to create, edit, upload the files and helps to create email addresses and the databases also. It is a fully-featured platform for administering all the aspects of web hosting. Multiple cPanel accounts can be managed in a single platform, Web Host Manage commonly called as WHM.

WHM access is not applicable for the Shared hosting plan, it is only applicable for the Reseller, VPS and dedicated plan in a Linux environment. The resellers or root users can have access to create cPanel accounts inside a WHM panel. The cPanel combined with the WHM provides a complete reseller hosting control panel system. The resellers can create their own custom packages, set their domain and make the website live as per their customer’s choice.

While creating an addon domain, sometimes it may show an error as mentioned below.

Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server“.

This is the common issue that occurs in the cPanel. It can be resolved by contacting your hosting provider. If you are a root user, then you can fix this issue in simple steps. This article guides to fix the error while adding an Addon Domain in cPanel account.

Addon Domain:

The Addon domain is an additional domain hosted and managed from the main hosting account, but it is linked to a separate website other than the primary domain. Contents and files for a separate website are stored in a unique folder within the primary domains public_html folder. Use “add-on” domains when it wishes to create a completely separate website on your account with its own domain name, apart from the primary domain name.

Addon Domain is an added advantage through which you can create several domains and websites within a single control panel. The addon domain also has its own FTP manager, storage space, email accounts associated with it. The user can share the same resources like disk space, bandwidth for the addon domain as with the main domain.

Steps to fix the error while adding an Addon Domain in cPanel account

This error can be solved simply from the WHM panel. Switch on the option ‘Allow Remote Domains’ in the tweak settings so that the new addon domains having other server nameservers can be added inside the individual cPanel account. The below steps guides to enable that particular option easily in WHM panel.

Step:1 Login to WHM Panel as a root user.

Step:2 Type the “Server Configuration” on the search bar on the  WHM.

Step:3 Select the “Tweak Settings” on the WHM to change the settings on it.

Step:4 The settings options will be displayed once we clicked the “Tweak Settings” on the WHM Panel.

Step:5 Click the “Domains” option which was on the top menu of the “Tweak Settings”.

Step:6 Select “ON” option which was straight to “Allow Remote Domains” and click the save button on the below.remote

And then go to the cPanel and create the Addon domain on the cPanel, the Addon domain will be added without any error.

We hope the above article helps you to fix the error while adding an Addon Domain in cPanel account. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.

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