What is Plesk?

Plesk is used for the web hosting platform. It started as the SWSoft and latterly it was renamed as the Parallels. In 2015 is rebranded as the service provider unit Odin. The operating systems supporting Plesk include Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, SuSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows.

Set the Size of Mail Box Windows

          Storage quotas are typically configured on a per-database basis. This means that the quotas configured for a mailbox database apply to all mailboxes in that database.

          Exchange admin center (EAC) or the Exchange Management Shell to customise the mailbox storage quotas for specific mailboxes.

          Storage quotas let you control the size of mailboxes and manage the growth of mailbox databases. When a mailbox reaches or exceeds a specified storage quota, Exchange sends a descriptive notification to the mailbox owner.

           Message size limits control the size of messages that a user can send and receive. By default, when a mailbox is created, there isn’t a size limit for sent and received messages.

Changing Mailbox Size

  If you need to change the mailbox size for a mail account, do the following:

  1. Go to Mail, and click the email address.
  2. Under Another size, type in the desired mailbox size and select the unit of measure, then click OK.

   Note that the mailbox size cannot exceed the default size defined in the subscription properties. If you need to set mailbox size greater than the default size, contact your provider.

How to Check the Size of Your Mailbox

     Select Data File Properties from the context menu.

     You will then see a dialogue appear, here you will find a Folder Size… button which we need to click.

     The Folder Size dialogue which should have appeared has a neat breakdown of all the folders in your mailbox, as well as the total size

Commands to Set-the-Size-of-Mail-Box-Windows:

   Plesk bin mail.exe -update johnDoe@example.com -mbox_quota 20480k


    Plesk bin mail.exe -u johnDoe@example.com -mbox_quota 2048k

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