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Resolve ‘IP Pool is Empty’ error to create a subscription in Plesk

IP pool is empty error

When a reseller tries to create a new subscription or change an IP address, sometimes they may face an error as ‘Unable to create a new subscription: the IP Pool is Empty’. The main reason for this issue is that no IP address is allocated to the reseller. Otherwise, there is no shared IP address in the server. This error can be easily resolved by assigning an IP address to the reseller. This article guides you with the possible ways to resolve ‘IP Pool is Empty’ error when adding a new subscription in Plesk.

What is a subscription in Plesk?

In Plesk, a subscription is an instance of a service plan assigned to a reseller or user account. It is like assigning packages in WHM panel which provides resources to run the website smoothly. The resellers can have their own subscriptions and service plans to manage their customer accounts.

Solution to resolve ‘IP Pool is Empty’ error:

The possible solutions to resolve the above-mentioned error while creating a new subscription are mentioned below.

  1. Ensure that while creating a new reseller, IP address is assigned to the reseller in Plesk.
  2. If Plesk Multi Server is used, make the IP address as shared by following the below steps

To make the IP address as shared, login to Plesk and navigate to Tools and Settings -> IP addresses. Select the IP address and make it a shared IP.

3. If any additional dedicated IP address is required, add it additionally in the server.

Contact your hosting provider to ensure that a shared IP is assigned for your reseller account in Plesk. If IP is not allocated, then it is not possible to create a new domain along with its subscription inside the reseller encountering the same error.

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