What is the Script?

A Script is the programming language that represents a text document containing a set of commands that are executed by the certain program or scripting engine. Most of the scripts can be opened and edited by using a basic text editor. These scripts are used to automate processes on a local computer or to generate web pages on the web. We can manually add email account with the help of scripts on the server and it is an Open source, allowing users to view and edit the script if needed.

Script to manually Add Email account from Command Line:

The user can create email accounts for a single domain through the command line without using cPanel. Log in to the server as root via SSH and run the following script.

Script that is used to add an email account from command line without using cPanel is /scripts/addpop user@domain.com password quota#

In the above command, replace user@domain.com with the email account username and domain, password with the password for e-mail account being created and quota# with the number of quota in Megabytes(Mb).