A Log File is a file that contains a list of events, which have been “logged” by a computer. Log files are often generated during software installations and are created by Web servers, but they can be used for many other purposes as well. The log files are saved in a plain text format, which minimizes their file size and allows them to be viewed in a basic text editor. Most log files have “.log” file extension but many use standard “.txt” extension or another proprietary extension instead. Here you will see in which LogFile would you find account creation and termination.

A log file is to keep track of what is happing with the server. It also identifies any malware action on the server and helps to fix the problem easily.

LogFile that has the information about Account Creation/Termination:

In cPanel and WHM, a list of log files is available which stores each and every action performed on the server. The location of log files can be found through the directories which are available by default.

Log Files are located in the directory /var/log/

The log file that shows the information about cPanel account creation and termination can be found at /var/cpanel/accounting.log

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