View Running Processes on a Server via SSH

Running processes on a server can be viewed by using command line interface via SSH. Commands such as “top” and “ps” are used.

What is SSH?

SSH means Secure Shell. It provides authentication by using the private key. It is the root access to your account from the remote system in a secured manner.SSH access is enabled for VPS and dedicated server.

View running processes using “top” command:

After logging into the server,”top” command can be used to view the running processes.“top” command shows the sorted information about the process in the form of a table.It shows the information such as how long the server is used, how many users are connected to it, load average and running tasks.It is also useful in knowing CPU, disk, network and memory usages.This command is useful for managing all the processes and resources.

Type the command at command prompt as

# top

View running processes using “ps” command:

After logging into the server,”ps” command can be used.It shows the process status. It shows the currently running processes and their id’s(Pid). It shows the processes of a particular user also. Pid is a unique number that will help to identify a process so that a particular process can be terminated from the server by using “kill” command.

The following command used to view the running process

ps aux

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