Secure Shell is a networking protocol, it helps the user to send the data from one place to another. SSH helps the user to send the data in an encrypted form so you can send the data and files securely over the internet.

The user can use SSH in anywhere in the world from one computer to another and also supports different platforms. For example, SSH clients are available for all modern platforms from Windows, Linux, Mac, etc..

In some situation, you may have a problem while accessing the SSH connection in cPanel servers. If you are facing this error while accessing the server via SSH, follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

Steps to Troubleshoot SSH Permission Denied Error in WHM:

Step 1: Login into WHM with valid Username and Password.

Step 2: Navigate to Security center and click SSH Password Authorization Tweak Option.

Step 3: Click on “Enable the password Auth” option to enable password authentication. If it is enabled, re-enable it to resolve the issue. It automatically restarts the sshd service.

If the sshd service is not restarted follow the below steps to restart the sshd service.

Step 1: Go to Home page and Navigate to Restart service option and click the SSH Server(Open SSH). Then click Yes button to run the SSH Daemon.

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