Dedicated Server Hosting

A Dedicated Server is a single computer that is dedicated exclusively to only one organization. The Dedicated Server is fully customized within the server the owner can add additional CPU, RAM, Disk etc. The dedicated server cannot be hacked easily since it is owned by a single organization. A dedicated server dedicated to only one client, not shared with all users.

The primary advantage of using dedicated server is, the resource is not shared. It is fully owned by the separate organization. Another advantage of using dedicated server is you have the full control over the server. This means that the total independence is given to the organization which owns the server. The clients have the control to install the software, choose the operating system, add-on service etc. It gives flexibility and control to the owner. So, for this reason, the dedicated server is started as your own server. Clients usually pay monthly, yearly fee to use the dedicated server. It saves money by hosting, maintaining and managing their own server.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting


The dedicated server provides maximum uptime for the website. Even though the website faces any traffic-related issues the dedicated server provides more stability and reliability. Since the website is owned by a single organization it is not shared with the malicious or potential spammer. So the dedicated server provides enhanced security to your website.


A dedicated server is fully owned by a single organization so there is no need for resource sharing.  It helps to overcome website crash whereas, in shared hosting, the resource is shared and often it will affect your website. When you purchase the dedicated server from Server cake there is no need for resource sharing and you can enjoy maximum uptime of your website.

Administrative access:

When the server is shared among other websites, the hosting company does not give administrative access to its clients. But when you own a dedicated server the full root access is given to the owner of the server.  The root access allows the owner to install software which he would like to install and it also allows the owner to monitor their site. If there is an issue on the site he can correct them before it affects your site.

Unique IP address:

In shared hosting, the IP address is shared among other websites, if any site is malicious then it will affect the other websites too. But in the dedicated server, each server will have a unique IP address and it helps to overcome website traffic.


The dedicated server gives more flexibility to its clients because the resources like disk space, bandwidth, and memory are not shared with other websites. So, it provides full flexibility to the owner.


If the dedicated server owner cannot manage their website by themselves. They can make use of the hosting company which provides the dedicated server to them. The hosting company will charge very less amount to manage the server. The server cake also helps its client in managing their server at a very low cost

Dedicated Server Features provided by ServerCake

ServerCake offers following features to their dedicated server clients

  • Dedicated Resource

ServerCake provides secure data center to its clients. The data of your website will be in safe in the hands of ServerCake.  The ServerCake also provides a fully customized resource to its clients.

  • Service

ServerCake provides 24/7 support to its clients. So if any client faces any problem they can contact ServerCake and clarify their doubts.We have to provide support through the mail, chat, and phone.

  • Linux Operating system

ServerCake offers a free setup with the operating system.

The ServerCake offers dedicated server with consistent performance. It also employs strict security measures to safeguard the data of your website. ServerCake also provides administrative services to its clients.

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