PHP handler is a type of Apache web server module, it is used to load the PHP libraries and its related functions whenever the Apache web server needs to interpret or execute a PHP code or script. In general, these PHP handlers are highly related with the website speed and performance. Whenever the client browser needs to access PHP script or dynamic content of your site other than an HTML page it sends the PHP request to Web server. With the help of PHP handler module, the Apache web server runs the required PHP code and delivers the respective output to the client browser. These PHP handlers play a vital role in your server functionality because it is responsible for how fast your server handles all PHP requests and how much securely your web server handles the requests.

Based upon the way of processing a PHP code, the PHP handler is classified as follows

  • SuPHP
  • DSO
  • CGI
  • FCGI

Each has a distinct way of processing PHP code, and has its own benefits and drawbacks. In simplest terms, the decision of which PHP handler to choose comes down to your site’s specific needs.

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