About Let’s Encrypt:

Let’s Encrypt is an open source certificate authority (CA) that offers free SSL certificates for the domains. It can automatically generate, install, and renew SSL certificates for an account. Let’s Encrypt was launched in April 2016 to eliminate the manual process of installation and renewal of SSL certificates.

It can be enabled for all new and existing cPanel accounts. It is a trusted entity which issues electronic documents for verifying a digital entity’s identity on the Internet. These electronic documents are called as digital certificates which provide secure communication over the network.

Let’s Encrypt runs for the benefit of the public and this service is provided by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It provides digital certificates to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites.


  • Let’s Encrypt is free and can be owned for a domain at zero cost.
  • The software running on the server can interact with Let’s Encrypt and configures it securely. It also renewals the certificate automatically.
  • All the issued certificates will be recorded publically and anyone can inspect it.
  • It can advance the security services for servers.

Method to Enable:

Initially, this certificate is supported for cPanel users only. Now, it can be supported in cPanel, WHM servers with version 58.0.17 and above. It can be installed with shell access or without shell access in which the certificate can be issued and installed without any downtime.

Enable with SSH:

The below command used to install the Let’s Encrypt


The below command used to disable and uninstall the Let’s Encrypt


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