Learn to code in C#

C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft to compete Sun’s Java language. It is based on C++ and contains the features similar to Java. It is used with XML-based web services on .NET platform for developing web applications. The term’s # character derives its name from the musical sharp key, which it denotes a one semitone pitch increase. C# is pronounced as a “see sharp.”

Pros of C#:

1. .NET Library:
C# provides great functionality and support as it is fully integrated with .NET library.

2. Transferable:

C# is based on C language so that the structure can be transferred to other languages such as C++, PHP, Java, and Objective-C.

3. In Demand:

C# is one of the top languages in demand as it was used in top companies like Amazon, Dell, and Intel.

Cons of C#:

1. Not for Newbies:

C# is not the best programming language for the newbies to start their coding.

2. Cross-Platform:

As C# is integrated with .NET, it can lose its cross-platform capability.

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