Media Transfer Protocol

Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is a communication protocol which can transfer the media files from and to the portable devices. It contains a set of drivers developed by Microsoft to connect portable devices to a Windows XP PC and synchronize digital media content between those devices and the PC. MTP is a broadly supported protocol whose drivers are already included with Windows XP, 2000, and ME and it connects portable devices with hard drives. In general, users will have to buy new devices that support MTP, although some existing devices will be upgradeable.

Benefits of MTP

  • Driverless installation: Installation of additional drivers are not needed for the device as all MTP-compatible devices use drivers that Microsoft is shipping with Windows Media Player.
  • Auto synchronization: Users can configure Windows Media Player to automatically transfer all newly acquired content to a device whenever it’s connected as all MTP-compatible devices support Auto Sync.
  • Support Windows Media Player DRM: Microsoft’s latest DRM scheme is supported by MTP, which enables new scenarios, such as transferring subscription-based content to portable devices.

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