What is cPanel?

cPanel is a very popular web hosting control panel. It’s used to manage the website. The access log information of individual cPanel accounts can be viewed inside every cPanel account. This log information displays the list of IP addresses that have accessed the cPanel account. This log helps to ensure the security of the cPanel account. Here you will see, how to find the cPanel last login information.

Steps to find last login information of a cPanel:

Step 1: Login into cPanel with the available username and password.

Step 2: In files section, click the option ‘File manager’ to access the files.

Step 3: A list of default files and folders will be displayed in the home directory. In that the file named ‘.lastlogin’ can be used to find the last logged information of the cPanel account.

Note: The file ‘.lastlogin’ is a hidden file. To view the hidden files in cPanel, refer to the tutorial ‘How to show hidden files in cPanel File Manager?‘.

Step 4: Identify the ‘.lastlogin’ file and right click the option ‘View’ that displays the list of IP addresses that accessed the cPanel.

Step 5: Finally, the logged in information of the accessed IP addresses with the date and time will be displayed.

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