Antivirus Screening:

Antivirus screening is kind of filtering process to identify the malware virus and spam for both incoming and outgoing emails. virus are real threats to email users. Viruses can mutate (change the way they appear to users) or adapt over time, or hide inside innocent-looking files. The screening process is used to prevent this kind of attacks from e-mail users.

Setup antivirus screening on Plesk-Linux:

Step 1. Go to Home > Updates.

Step 2. Click your Parallels Plesk Panel version.

Step 3. In the list of components, select one from a set of antivirus.

Step 4. Click Install.

Step 5. Go to Home > License Management.

Step 6. Click Order Control Panel Add-ons.

Step 7. On this page, select the checkbox next to selected antivirus and click ADD TO MY BASKET.

Step 8. Because Parallels Plesk Panel add-ons are added to the license keys that already exist it will open Parallels Plesk Panel Number Checking System page. Enter the number of your license key and click Submit.

Step  9. After receiving the e-mail notice, return to the License Management screen (Home > License Management) and click Retrieve. Parallels Plesk Panel License Manager will retrieve the upgraded license and install it to your control panel.

Step 10. Go to Settings > Virus Protection Settings.

Step 11. Select the antivirus and click OK.

Accessing through the command:

Plesk bin mail -u -antivirus

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