Install WHMPHP on cPanel Server:

Before Installing WHMPHP, cPanel is required.Because WHMPHP is built on top of the cPanel. Here you will see, how to install WHMPHP on cPanel server.


cPanel is a  web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a is a Linux-based system.

Requirements for WHMPHP:

  • cPanel 11+ is preferred to install.
  • cPanelPHP must be compiled with cURL enabled.
  • It should be VPS or Dedicated server with cPanel.

Installation of WHMPHP:

Open the terminal window and run the following commands to install it.

rm -f;

After the installation, login into WHM and click on WHMPHP link under the plugins category.

The first step is to enter the WHMPHP License Key.

Then Import Reseller ACL from Settings->Import ACL. Reseller ACL is needed so that WHMPHP can assign correct reseller permissions.

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