cPanel – File Manager (FTP Troubleshooting)

The uploaded files are not showing in a reflected website or showing “Index of”.

Note: your website content is fetched from “public_html” folder and displayed in a web browser.

1. You are having the FTP credentials. While creating FTP account it may be pointing to another directory.

Example: your FTP account’s current directory is “home/username/admin/…..”

but you have to place the file in “public_html” folder. So you want to move the files using “move” option in your file manager. Please move the files to “public_html” folder.

and then check the “index.html” file is available or not.

The new updated file is not showing in the web browser. Still, it showing Old one.

There are many reasons for this problem.

The common one. the files are fetched from your caches in your local machine(web browser). your web browser makes a copy of all pages you have visited. you need to clear out your web browser cache files.

If you have cleared the Caches on your local machine but you are not able to view the updated files. your hosting service provider has a caching server, and you need to contact to them clear out your cache.

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

It indicates the error is occurring because there is no server is available. you have entered at the hostname and port. Check that you specified the correct host and port setting.

By default FTP port no is 21.

Unable to resolve Hostname.

This error occurs when you trying to connect to the Hostname cannot be resolved to an IP address. It is resolved by (Domain NameServer) DNS.

Note: Please check the address field and ensure that entered the correct hostname in it. You need the valid hostname of FTP server or a valid IP address. if you verify that the hostname is correct there may be a problem in your DNS server. Please contact your hosting service provider.

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