To change Apache Version, EasyApache is used. EasyApache updates the versions of Apache and also its applications and libraries. It is also used to update and configure your PHP installation. Before running EasyApache be sure to update your cPanel and WHM configuration.

WHM (browser) and Command line interfaces can be used to change the version of Apache.

In WHM (browser) interface, to change the Apache version

  1. Click Software in Home
  2. Select EasyApache under Software and change the version.

The apache development team is regularly releasing the new version of apache. cPanel development team will test it and make the new apache version available in EasyApache to ensure that your server software remains up-to-date.

We strong recommend you to read the security tips for the apache version.

In Command line interface,

use commands to change the version of Apache.

The command /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/easyapache is used to change the Apache version.

The command /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/easyapache --build is used to update the version of Apache directly without any configuration steps.

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