OpenCart is an open source, e-commerce development platform. It has all the basic functions that a user needs from an e-commerce solution. It is perfect for small businesses and medium-sized e-commerce stores. OpenCart is set by default to use PHP mail function to send all emails generated by the web store. If you prefer to use a third party mail service, then the outgoing emails are to be configured with SMTP service instead of the default mail function. This article helps you to OpenCart mail with SMTP settings.

Steps to Configure OpenCart mail with SMTP:

Step 1: Login to the OpenCart dashboard and then go to the System -> Settings.

Step 2: Click on the small icon to edit the store and then go to the section Edit Setting.

Step 3: Click on the Mail tab in which the mail settings have to be configured. Fill the below necessary details in it.

OpenCart SMTP mail settings

In Mail Protocol, select the option ‘SMTP’ from the drop-down menu.

In Mail Parameters, enter the additional email address when required.

In SMTP Hostname, enter the hostname of the email server.

In SMTP username, enter the full email address.

In SMTP Password, enter the password for the email address.

In SMTP Port, use the default port 25 or 587.

In SMTP Timeout, set the default time as 5.

Note: If you use Gmail services, enter the SMTP Hostname as and SMTP Port as 465 along with the username and password.

After configuring the email, check with a test mail and if it encounters an error as “Internal server error”, check the MX entries in both domain and hosting back end. If you do not use SMTP settings, contact your hosting service provider for the exact mail settings and configure it.

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