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Horde is a free webmail edition and browser-based communication suite. Using the Horde, the user can read, send and organize email and also manage their contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Sometimes users need to import the contacts from his account. In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to be followed to import contacts into the Horde.

Step 1: Login to your Horde webmail.

Step 2: Click on the Address Book icon in the top menu bar.

Step 3: Now you can see an Address Book. Initially, it has no contacts. To add contacts click on Import/Export.

Step 4: On the next page, you can import contacts. On this page, it shows an option to change the format of the file to be imported. But for now, Leave the default settings and click on Browse. Select the file you want to import and click Open.

Step 5: On the next window, you can change the settings. Default settings only recommended. Click on Next button.

Step 6: Click the Next button twice for the two steps followed by the above step. The two steps we have clicked next are the recommended default settings.

Step 7: Now the contacts are imported successfully. If you want to edit or delete the contact in the contacts, go to Address Book and click the browse icon and You can see a contact list where you want to edit or delete.

We hope that this article will help you to import contacts in Horde webmail. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.

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