How to backup the database and restore the database in Plesk?



We can access Mssql database either through Web Admin or in Remote database connectivity but Mysql databases can be accessed through only on the Web Admin in Plesk panel.

Backing up the Database:

It is very easy to take database back up in Plesk. Follow the below steps to back up the database.
Step 1: Login to the Plesk panel.

Step 2: Click Domains and select the domain you want to take database backup.
Step 3: Click Databases option in the right sidebar.

Step 4: If you have multiple databases, click on the database you want to backup. Then click on Export Dump option.

Step 5: Choose the destination directory to save the backup and click OK. Plesk will create the backup file. To download the backup file automatically, check the box Automatically download dump after creation.

download backup

Restoring the Database:

To restore the database, follow the below steps.
Step 1: Login to Plesk.

Step 2: Select the domain where you want to restore the database in Domains option.
Step 3: Click Databases in the right sidebar.

Step 4: Click on the database name you want to restore and click Import Dump.

Step 5: Browse the file you want to restore from your Local PC and then click OK. Now the database will be restored.



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