Horde is a free webmail edition which is browser-based communication suite. By using the Horde user can read, send and organize emails. Also, the user can manage the calenders, tasks, contacts and etc. In this article, we will show to import and export the emails to Horde webmail client. Follow the below steps.

Steps to creating a new folder in Horde:

You can import the emails into any folders in Horde. But it is not easy to find the old emails in the inbox. So create a separate folder for imported emails. To create a new folder open your webmail in Horde and follow the below steps.

Step 1:  Click on the Folder actions icon in the left menu bar.Step 2:  Click on Create Mailbox in the below menu bar.Step 3:  It will show you a popup box, enter the name of the new folder and click OK button.
Step 4:  Now you can see the new folder in the left column.

Steps to Import Mail:

Your file format should be in a .mbox or .eml file which only accepted to import in Horde. Follow the below steps to import.
Step 1:  Right-click on the folder you want to import the emails.
Step 2:  On the next screen, left click on Import button.Step 3:  In the popup box, browse to the file you want to import and click on OK button.
Step 4:  If the file is imported successfully means you can see a green message bar with details.

If the import attempt is failed, then you can see the red message box with a failed message. Import can be failed because of the corrupted file.

Steps to Export Mail:

The export option will help you to take backup for the important emails.
Step 1:  Right-click on the folder which you want to export the emails.
Step 2:  Click on the Export on the next screen.
Step 3:  It will lead to you the popup window which will allow you to download the file either in an uncompressed file or a zip compressed .mbox file.Step 4:  Click OK button then it will start the download of the file.

We hope that this article will help you to work on Horde mailbox. For more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.

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