429 Too Many Requests Error:

429 Too Many Requests Error is one of the most frustrating error occurs in WordPress. It is hard to figure out the reason for the cause. This error occurs due to the user have attempted to access the server too many times within a particular period of time.


This error is mainly caused due to attempting too many requests to the server by a user, bot or scripts. It is used as measuring to prevent DDOS attacks on sites. In some of the cases, websites should configure properly. If it is not configured in such a manner, then it leads stopping the API’s run properly and leads to unexpected behaviour on sites. The process of troubleshooting is simple. When the error is thrown then just follow the below solutions to do away with the error.

Deactivate misbehaving Plugin:

The most common factor of causing the error is a bad plugin present in the website. Sometimes it will make some request subsequently to the website which may reject with the error.
The solution to the problem is simple. Just deactivate all your WordPress plugins available in your website. It is easy to deactivate a plugin. Go to the admin area of WordPress and select plugins in the left menu bar and select all the plugins, then Click on deactivate button on the top menu.
Now check your website, if it doesn’t show the error the problem should be in plugins. Then find the misbehaving plugin by checking the plugins one by one. Activate the plugins one by one and check the website to find the bad plugin.

Switch to Default WordPress theme:

Themes are coming along with the plugins. So it may also cause the error on the website. To overcome this problem, switch your themes to default themes like twenty-seventeen. If the error is resolved, then use an alternate theme for your website.

Contact your hosting provider:

Most of the times, the error may show in third party services like search engines, crawlers and apps in which tries to access the website. In such cases, you should contact your Hosting provider and ask them to not block such requests.

We hope this article will help you to resolve the 429 too many requests error. If you have other ideas to fix the issue, leave it in the comment box.

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