VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a satellite communications system. It serves for both home and business users. It is a technology commonly referred to as a private earth station. A VSAT end user needs a box to interface between the user’s computer and an outside antenna with a transceiver. The transceiver is used to send and receive a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky. The signals are sent and received by the satellite from an earth station computer which acts as a hub for the system. VSAT uses star topology for interconnecting each end user with the hub station via the satellite. Each transmission goes to the hub station which retransmits it via the satellite to the other end user’s VSAT for communicating from one end user to another one. VSAT handles data, voice, and video signals.

VSAT handles data, voice, and video signals. It can be used both by home users who sign up with a large service such as DirecPC and by private companies that operate or lease their own VSAT systems. It is another option for Internet connectivity in extremely remote areas and distant field locations.

Typical applications for interactive VSAT networks are

  • File Transfers
  • Computer communications
  • Database enquiries
  • Electronic mail
  • Video Conferencing
  • Point of sale transactions

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