What is SSH?

Secure Shell(SSH) provides authentication by using the private key. It is the root access to your account from the remote system in a secured manner. SSH access is enabled for VPS and dedicated server. Here you will see how to view server’s email queue list using SSH.

The SSH is a secure shell that communicates to execute network services, shell services and secure network communication with a remote computer. The SSH enables two remote connected users to perform a network communication and also other services on top of an unsecured network. It was initially an Unix-based command but now it supports on Windows-based systems as well.

Command to view the Server’s Email Queue List using SSH:

The mail transfer agent(MTA) used on the Unix-like operating system is Exim.

Exim is an open source mail transfer agent (MTA). It is responsible for receiving, routing and delivering e-mail messages. The server’s Email Queue List can be viewed by using the below command via SSH

 exim -bp

This command prints the list of messages in a queue. 

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