Server IP:

A web server, email server or any server device that are directly accessible from the Internet are the candidates of a Public IP address. Here you will see how to view the server IP usage via SSH.

The Domain Name System (DNS) system is the naming system for website information connected to the world wide web. DNS system replaces the Website name as the IP address. Because the machine understand binary numbers only but the human being is difficult to remember the numbers. For example, the is the website name, it is easy to remember. The respective domain name IP address is, But the machine does not understand any language and letters, so DNS system maintains the website names and matching the respective IP address.

A public IP address is a unique address that is assigned to a computing device which has direct access to the Internet. Internet Service Providers(ISPs) provides individual IP address to customers who subscribe to Internet services. Each independent system has its own IP address that is connected to the Internet. IP of a system can be found by opening the internet browser and typing ‘what is my IP?’. Then particular IP of the system will be visible from the browser.

How to View the Server IP Usage via SSH?

The IP Usage of a server can be viewed by using script via SSH.

Log in to the server as a root user and use the command/scripts/ipusage

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