View the list of files and folders via SSH

SSH stands for secure socket shell and it’s a network protocol for securely communicating between computers. To view the list all files and directories using an SSH client, you need to execute the proper command in order list you all files and folders in the directory. Here you will see, how to view the list of files and folder via SSH.

The lscommand to list files in Unix and Unix-like operating systems. The ls is specified by POSIX and the Single UNIX Specification. When it is invoked without any arguments, ls lists the files in the current working directory and detail attributes of each file.

Is Command:

Is: list files/directories in a directory, comparable to dir in windows/dos.

Is-a: This command shows all hidden files and directories.

Is-R: It shows the (including subfolders)all files and folders under the current directory.

If you familiar with SSH access to your server you would notice that while you list the files and folder, the different color will appear based on the file, folder, file format. This color differentiation would be useful to identify the different types of files.

Find the below Colors that are used to indicate the various types of files format and folder.

White – .hidden files/other file types.
Red – .zip
Green – .html files
Turquoise – bin, lib
Blue – Folders

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