About SSH:

SSH(secure shell socket) standard to support an encrypted connection between two computers. This article guides to create a new file using SSH.

Create a new file using SSH:

There are many ways, you can create a new file in cPanel, either you can create in a manual way through the control panel interface or through the terminal. When you want to create a file through SSH command line you can use the various commands for the same task. We recommend you the touch command since it’s the easiest command to complete the file creation task.

How to use Touch Command?

Touch command is used to create new and empty files in easiest way. Using this command you can change the timestamps of the files like dates and times of the most recent access and modification happened time stamp on existing files and directories. The syntax to use this touch command is

touch your_filename

The example command to create a .htaccess command is

touch .htaccess

Normally, You can create a new file using a  file manager option in cPanel. If you want to create a file using SSH commands, You need to follow the above-mentioned procedures.