General procedures for transfer domain from one registrar to another registrar

Before Transfer:

You should just check the below-mentioned points for transfer domain from one to another registrar.

  1. Get your “Domain authorization code or EPP code” from old registrar

Domain authorization code also called”auth code or EPP code”. Auth code is a unique number for each domain, so it provides good security level for domain registration.

2. Be sure the domain is unlock

You should just check the domain is unlock before transfer processing is started because the domain is locked when domain transfer, your transfer will be denied.

usually, the domain is locked to avoid unauthorized access and transfers of the domain so, at the time of domain transfer from one to another registrar make the domain to unlock it.

3. Check the admin email address accessibility:

The administrative email address has received the important message during the domain transfer. The admin email address receives the message for approval the transfer. So you need to check the accessibility of email address.

4. Make sure the 60 days rule stage

The 60-day rule is important to transfer the domain to the new registrar. The domain is compulsory register at least 60 days in the old registrar.

Finally, you will send the EPP code to your new registrar and approval for domain transfer.

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