WordPress is one of the most popular and fastest growing CMS(Content Management System) now. It’s written in PHP and also easiest and most powerful blogging and CMS system. Now you will see this article about WordPress common issues and how to fix it.

Why WordPress become very popular:

  • WordPress is easy and flexible to use.
  • It’s an open source software.
  • WordPress is browser-based so, you can log in from any internet-connected computers and manage your site.
  • Website design is 100% customizable in WordPress.
  • The WordPress administrator can set up the multiple users in WordPress.
  • You can add the plugin without the code and now the 45,000 free plugins in the official WordPress directory.

WordPress Common Issues:

1.Image upload issue in WordPress:

Image upload issue is one of the common issues in WordPress.


When you can upload the image to WordPress, it shows the”Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2018/2. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Most common reason:

The Wrong File and Folder permission

How to fix this issue:

You will login your control panel directory or  You can able to change the file permission through FTP.

The first thing you need to check the file and folder permission then it has wrong permission, you will need to change the permissions.

The recommended permission for file 644 and folder 755.

2. WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue

Reason for this issue:

This issue occurs the following reasons

    • Browser cache
    • .htaccess file corrupted
  • Exceeds the database memory limit
  • Upgrading themes and WordPress
  • Improper defined URL
  • Improperly coded plugin

First thing for security purpose, you should take full WordPress website backup then after taking the necessary action.

How to fix this error:

Clear browser cache, check the permalink and increase the memory limit.

Delete the .htaccess file and check it then the problem is resolved, you will immediately go to the permalink and click on save changes button. This will create the new .htaccess file

Disabled all plugins and check it, go to cPanel>wp content, find the plugin subfolder and rename it and check now the problem is resolved or not.

Once the problem is solved surely hope the problem is occurring by the plugin. Now you can activate the plugin in one by one and find the defected plugin.

Finally, delete this plugin to avoid the issue.