Track delivery is used to allow the trace message delivery routes and it displays the report about email message delivery attempts from the account. It is helpful to identify message delivery issues. We can check the delivery reports of the email. You can also see the spam score of your email. By default, you can see 250 recent message delivery failures to and from your cPanel account’s mailboxes.

Four email types of filters, which you can apply to a list

Show Success – From this, you can see all the emails that are successfully delivered to the destination.
Show Deferred – From this all emails with a warning, which are the system deferred emails.
Show Failures –  You can find not delivered email to the destination. It will also display any other errors during transmission of emails.
Show In progress –  This will show you the currently transmitting all the emails.

Kindly find the below email and Description.

Event – This column shows failure or deferred emails and icon of success.
Sender –  It shows the email address of the email sender
Sent time – It shows the date and time on which email was sent
Spam score – It shows Apache Spamassassin spam score.
Recipient – Email of the recipient is shown here.
Result – It is an important column. Using this column it shows the error encountered by the system while sending the email, This message describes the delivery results.
Action: An information Icon, which on clicking shows the details of the report.


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