ShockWave Flash is a file extension designed to deliver vector graphics and animation over the internet. SWF file format is created by Macromedia and now it is owned by Adobe. Animations and graphics designed with Adobe Flash software are saved in the .swf format. These file formats are commonly used to bring animated graphics, sound, and video to the web. Using Flash plug, SWF file can be viewed in any web browser. It is often used in designing various web-based video games like Farmville, Castle Ville, Settlers Online and others. The goal of SWF file is Simplicity, Scalability, Speed, and Extensibility.

MIME type is used to create custom file extension for common file types. To set a MIME type, create a .htaccess file. The MIME types for SWF File Format are

application/futuresplash, image/vnd.rn-realflas


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