As we know cPanel is nothing but the website control panel, it’s widely used control panel on most Linux servers. It allows website owners to upload files to their websites, create desired email accounts, databases related operation. Whereas Web Host Manager is an administrator level control panel, it’s used to control and modify the cPanel accounts.

One of the special feature available in WHM is “Multi Account Functions”. This option helps the administrator or resellers to perform operations on more than one accounts at a time. A particular cPanel account can be terminated easily but make sure to take backup of files and databases for the particular account which cannot be retrieved after termination.  The below steps will guide you to delete or terminate cPanel account through WHM.

Steps to Terminate cPanel account in WHM:

Step 1: Login to WHM, select the option ‘Terminate Accounts’ under the section Account Functions.

Login to WHM

Step 2: Select the checkboxes that correspond to the domain names that you wish to remove.

Select the domain for removal

Note: If you wish to keep a domain’s DNS zone on your server, select the associated check box in the Keep DNS Zone column.

Step 3: Then click the option ‘Remove’ to delete the account from WHM.

Click 'Remove' button

Step 4: A confirmation message to remove the account will appear on the screen. Select the option ‘Yes, remove this account’ to proceed it.

confirmation of account removal

Step 5: Once the account is removed, a successful message for the removal of account will appear which no longer exists in WHM.

Account removed successfully


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